Swiss conductor Christian Erny has built a reputation for stylistic versatility, sensitive programming and a dedication to musical detail which has come to be appreciated by numerous orchestras and ensembles internationally.

Since 2015, Christian Erny has proudly set high standards as founder and artistic director of the professional choir The Zurich Chamber Singers (“A rising star in the international choral scene…”, concerti.de, 2022). His deep knowledge of singing, voice and text as well as his successful background as a pianist translates into his work with orchestras, where he is greatly respected for his precise rehearsal techniques and energetic performances.

05. October 2024

19:30 Uhr


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The Zurich Chamber Singers

The combination of outstanding vocal work innovative programming concepts and a modern appearance makes the Zurich Chamber Singers under the direction of Christian Erny one of the most promising and interesting vocal ensembles of the young generation.